Fitness & Nutritional Coach

My name is Mathew James Barbosa & I am a health and fitness coach . I have been in the industry now for about 12 years and I have competed several times in both; Men’s Light Middleweight Bodybuilding as well as Mens Physique. That being said I’ve gone through many transformations personally from the ranges of 215 pounds to 148 pounds. Over the years I’ve helped numerous of people shed unwanted body fat as well as gain muscle depending on their personal goals.
If your looking for someone who genuinely enjoys making an impact on other peoples lives through health and fitness then you’ve come to the right place !


I personally believe that being fit is as much mental as it is physical. 

So if you think your ready to embark on this new found journey, be prepared to work just as hard mentally as you will physically. Eveyone is different. 

   To see the results you want, your training and diet need to be tailored to fit your life style, so that it can be sustainable to provide you with long lasting results. 

Join me today, and lets make your dream body a reality!