Why hire designer body

Why waste your time trying to achieve your dream body with no sense of direction, when you can have someone in your corner, teaching you everything you need to know.  DESIGNER BODY is here to help you achieve your goals through constant support, constant motivation and continuously holding you accountable to your overall goals. By choosing DESIGNER BODY your choosing someone who is passionate, attentive and experienced. Personally, I thrive on a daily basis and work to adhere to all my goals and teach my clients to do the same. DESIGNER BODY will not only transform your body but will also transform your mind. We will work together to put you in a positive mind space and achieve all your goals.

Can I always contact you regarding questions and concerns with my program?

Yes, at DESIGNER BODY we offer 24/7 email support. This means we will get back to you within 24 hours with an appropriate answer. We also offer a free one on one skype call to get you started with your program, where we can virtually walk you through the whole program to help you get a better understanding of your routine.

I don’t know how to track macronutrients, is this necessary for the nutrition plans?

No, depending on the package that is chosen. We do it all for you.

What if I don’t like a specific workout or want to change my meals around?

Every week, we will sit down and have a weekly check-in via email If there is something you would like changed, we can discuss it and find something more suitable for you.

Can this program help me if I have any dietary allergies or have had injuries in the past?

Yes, we personalize all our programs to what works best for you. Designer Body takes pride in assuring clients that we create plans (nutrition and training plans) that are

Do you have payment plans available?

We only have payment plans for the 1:1 in person training sessions. All other packages are a ONE TIME upfront payment.